Mental Health Advocates Working Together will Have a Louder Voice

mhadWhen there is a week for this and a month for that and a day for this not as much attention is give to mental health as there could be.

If there was one week that all the organizations could come together and let others know about their organization, it would have a huge impact. It would get a lot of media attention.  More politicians and celebrities who suffer from mental illnesses and want to share their stories would get involved.  Wouldn’t this be better than the way it is now? What we are doing is not working.

The second week of October is National Mental Illness Awareness Week.  This was adopted by Congress in 1990. There is also World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2014.

If we get everyone to do something that day, we can change things.

For a list of suggestions, see the blog called Suggestions for Mental Illness Awareness Week or World Mental Health Day

If you have more ideas, please email Attn: Suggestions for MIAW or World Mental Health Day


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