One Valium at a Time

one valim at atime

One Valium at a Time

Because 24 hours at a time is just too much. “One Valium at a Time” is my sarcastic reference to taking life’s highs & lows as they come; one at a time (or 5mg at a time, whatever works). Dealing with issues as best we can, however we can & getting out of bed again tomorrow to do it all over. Some of us need more help than others. Most of us need more help than we admit. I personally, require tremendous upkeep in the “be happy with who you are” department.
So here you will find a wide variety of content, depending on which side of life’s seesaw I am sitting on today.
“One Valium at a Time” is also the title of my, yet to be completed, book, as well as my blog which is currently under construction.

Disclaimer: I am in no way glorifying or condoning drug use/abuse. Preventing, acknowledging & treating addiction & abuse of all kinds are subjects very near to my heart.

General Information

I intend to give full credit to those whose artwork, photos, images and quotes I display on my page.
In some instances I have utilized images from internet searches where the original source/owner is unknown. If at any time the source/owner of any material becomes known to me, I will credit them accordingly and/or remove image at their request.
All other posts, images and quotes are the property of the administrator of this page.


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