Me, Bipolar and I FB page

Me, Bipolar & I


Life through a Bipolar sufferers mind!
*IMPORTANT* Please read below:There is one person that manages this page (myself only: the page owner)***NB: If anyone comments on my posts please be aware that I can’t guarantee that they will not show up in your newsfeeds to others ok! Any inbox private messages you send me: NEVER will your confidential information ever be shared. It is my policy to not disclose your information to others!***

I am a Bipolar II sufferer (former PTSD and Depression sufferer). I personally DO-NOT suffer all signs and symptoms of BPII disorder and posts to this page are not all related to or connected to myself. You may find other posts of mine useful to yourself even if they are not directly related to Bipolar Disorder.

Everyone is different and we are all unique! 🙂

I am NOT a medical professional in any way, and nor do I pretend to be. The advice, links, quotes, poems, comments, status’/posts etc, are there to help you.

I welcome all page likers, please respect my page. Please feel free to recommend/share this page as much as you like as I would most appreciate it.

I do-not tolerate any abusive or foul language nor people abusing each other or their race or gender etc, and anyone found using such, will be removed from this page without prior warning, purely because I don’t want anyone to be offended. I hope you all understand this. However IF there was any at all I would star (*) it out as much as I could where possible

If anyone does have a mental health condition and needs urgent help please contact your local General Practicioner (GP) or Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN), or perhaps go to your nearest A & E department at hospital or ask someone for help, as I am unfortunately not able to offer 24/7 help to anyone that may need me instantly in a crisis. Please accept my apologies, it is not my intention to dishearten anybody.

I hope that all members will find this a good friendly community to talk in for that impartial advice that maybe you would not get with family nor friends or perhaps elsewhere.

Remember: I am not here to judge you, only to support you.

Advertising on my wall of personal groups, pages, news letters, blogs, websites, petitions and suchlike are welcome in relation to mental health issues.


I welcome inbox messages and will respond to them as and when I can. Sorry but I am not available 24/7!

‘Me, Bipolar & I’ has been running on Facebook since late October 2013.

This is a ‘like’ page/community for people suffering from Bipolar Disorder and also for friends and family of someone who is suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

My goal is for us to support each other, even in times of need.

Here you will find laughter & sadness, but most of all, you will find people that know what you are going through. You are not alone! Have a ‘rant’ if you need to!

WARNING: Some topics/photo’s and suchlike may be of ‘adult content’ even though I take precaution for it not not to offend you, it may do. If you are under 18, please inform me via a message (if anything does offend then please leave the page: I ask you politely not to report anything I post!)

*Be aware* : When I post, I tend to post a lot (so if my posts show up too much in your newsfeed and it annoys you, please consider not to unlike my page but to change your settings if possible so you only see my posts on this page when you choose to), but when I don’t then I am quiet!

Apologies in advance if there are any spelling mistakes anywhere on this page, I take every precaution for there not to be any.

NB: Most of the pictures on this Facebook page do-not belong to “Me, Bipolar & I” although some do, as do the pictures I have drawn as are the photographs of myself!


As you can imagine I very much wholeheartedly appreciate people sharing my page on their timeline, but for now I don’t return the favour because I am still trying to get this page established and if I did it for one person then I would have to do it for all so as to be fair to everyone. If I did that then I would have links to peoples pages all over this timeline which would mostly probably have nothing to do with Bipolar Disorder and it would obviously take a lot of attention away from this page which is clearly not what I would like and it would look like a wall full of adverts and suchlike. Again I apologise to everyone that may deem this unfair and if you don’t want to share this page, I very much understand.

Thankyou and welcome to my page (as mentioned before; please feel free to share it:


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