Bipolar and living med free


Twitter: @bipolarandmedfree

Description I was diagnosed with Borderline Disorder in my teens and was not diagnosed with Bipolar until 2000. This was after many months of suicide attempts and depression added from a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis as well. The diagnosis fit! I began a regime of drugs and they would up them and decrease them, also tried several different ones. I felt so lost and so alone. The attempts of suicide did not stop they only increased to a point of success. Luckily the fire dept in my area at that time were successful in reviving me. I overdozed on Kolonipin. I was hospitalized for a few months and truly did not want to leave. I felt secure and hated my home life. I was in a bad marriage and living with the Mother in Law from you know what. I finally woke up so to speak and picked up and left. This was after my father passing away during the time I was hospitalized. I lost a whole year of memories due to meds and problems added from meds for the MS. I decided to leave, I left my marriage, left that state and headed far enough away to begin again, this was in 2002. I have been med free since then… and I will never go back. I am always afraid if I ever went back on meds that would be the end of my life. I have found myself once again and learning always ways to fight my triggers and what causes them and me to be set off.  The demon is strong and it is a daily fight but life without the fog is so much better for me. I support anyone on meds if that is what works for you. I just always say make sure you research what you are adding into your body. Don’t rely on the Doctors 100%! Be in charge of your life, your health overall. I wish everyone the very best and I hope we all find a peaceful way of living.  Please also feel free to add me personally, I am Belinda Sue Kramer 🙂   DISCLAIMER: THIS SITE IS NOT MEDICAL ADVISE. PLEASE IF IN NEED OF IMMEDIATE CARE PLEASE CONTACT 911 OR 800 HOTLINE IN YOUR AREA. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DESCIONS YOU MAKE ONLY HERE TO SHARE EXPERIENCES AND DISCUSSIONS. THANK YOU Belinda Kramer


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