FB Groups with Admin Sherri Gale Racicot

Good Grief
Lets come together to console and encourage us all while grieving. We all have our own ways of course, but helping someone else through grief is a gift

This page is a place with collections of pages specifically related to grief and the challenges and victories to be known. This is a broad topic and the type of grief is irrelevant. If you are struggling or have a story to tell, go ahead. If you want to ask questions, do so as well. I hope to be able to collect pages and information that will help us on our way to living and coping with our loss.

Butterflies, Lullabys, and Pieces of the Heart
Collection of poetry, music, and vents as an outlet for life

poetry and quotes that put emotions on a different scale. Deep sorrow, serenity, heart ache and suffering, joy and happiness..Rants and raves also



Child and Adult Mental & Physical concerns from ADHD to Cancer
The purpose of this page is to give access to many different resources and insights. To bring support for wellness, Mental or Physical, child or adult. There are blogs, posts, tweets, links, and many other resources for what ails you.
Hello friends and Family, I have started a group to invite people to share their own experiences, Find excellent resources for everything involving health including Mental, Physical, Spiritual, as well as addiction resources. Personally, its a place to research, share research, blog, and create more awareness for kids with mental or physical problems and a place parents and teachers alike to understand their kids.I am in no way affiliated with any of these resources or links, except personal experience. Speak up people for our children, for our parents, for ourselves. Ignorance is not a choice in today’s world. Its Up to us all to understand and ask for the help we need. Hopefully you will find this group helpful or at the least gain some insight regarding ourselves and others. THANKS Sherri Racicot



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