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Mental Health News Hub offers mental health news, information, and resources from reliable news sources and mental health organizations. Please read our About section. Ty.
“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” -Kofi Annan. 

Information and education are empowering. For those who suffer from a mental illness, learning as much as possible about their illnesses allows them to become active participants in their own treatment. For families and friends of sufferers, education on MH issues helps them to be more supportive, and to find resources and support for themselves as well.

For those who have not YET been touched by mental illness in their lives, accurate MH information is the best way to counter the misunderstandings, stigma, discrimination and fear that still surround mental illness. 

Although we welcome all comments, we don’t consider this a support page. However, in the Notes section, we’ve started a list of some of the many open mental health pages that do offer support. 

In the Notes section, you will also find:
– a Mental Health Video Library
– a list of Excellent Websites for accurate and reliable mental health information
– a list of helpful Books and Films about mental illness and recovery.
– a Note on how to access affordable mental health care/meds in the U.S.. 
All lists are a work in progress. 

In our LIKES section, you can find the names of many mental health information and advocacy organizations with pages on FB.

Both of the Admins on this page, one American and the other English, suffer from mental illnesses. One has a professional work history in the health care field, the other in aid and fund-raising for the homeless. We have no affiliation with any organization or website. We do this page because we enjoy it. 


-We welcome posts/links on MH and MH related issues in the ‘Recent Posts by Others’. We screen all posts, so yours will not show up immediately. We do request that you NOT post links directly in article threads. 

-We believe in a holistic approach to mental illness, so all viewpoints are accepted here as long as they are backed by science based evidence. In other words, this is not an ‘anti-psychiatry’ page. Nor are we a debate page. Everyone is free to express their opinions, but in full respect for the journey and choices of others.

-We do not endorse any political or religious cause. For this reason, we have to omit any postings that deal with political or religious content. 

-If you are an artist, whether privately or via Art Therapy, we would be honored to feature your work in our cover photo space. Any form of creative art is welcome: photography, drawing, painting, needlework, graphics, poetry, etc.. If you would like to share your work, please message us.

-If you are a university student and would like to post your research survey, please do so and we will repost it for you. You are our hope for the future and we support your efforts.

To find us on Twitter: @MHNewsHub

To find us on Pinterest:

Many thanks for following and supporting our page. Feel free to Message us with any questions or concerns. 

FOOTNOTE: This is not a medical or psychological advice page. If you have questions of that nature, or are in difficulty, please contact a medical professional.
If you think it would be helpful to talk to someone who is trained in mental health issues and crisis intervention, you could call one of the helplines linked below:

To Find a Suicide Hotline, for yourself or a friend:
OR, (a worldwide directory)

If you encounter a MH crisis online, in our NOTES section there is a note on ‘HOW TO HELP SOMEONE ONLINE’ (taken from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website):

To Report Suicidal Content to FB, so that they can intervene (which often takes a few hours):


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