SLAP aka Strong Loving Autism Parents FB page

SLAP aka Strong Loving Autism Parents


Sharing our Autism world with yours.
This page is for everyone & anyone to come together to vent or to socialize with others that understand our AUTISM journey. I like to share our family life and experiences with autism. 

My name is Lisa. I’m a mother to four beautiful children. Three boys and a girl. My youngest child is living with Autism. My lil man is 7 years old and he is the sweetest lil boy. 

No one understands our journey like another Autism parent. 
So this page is a way of us all coming together and sharing each others opinions or ideas. I just ask that we all be kind to one another. What works for one family might not work for another. We don’t need judgement from no one. We receive enough negative judgment from people that don’t understand our children. 

Any negative comments is not permitted on this page.

Please feel free to post your blog and/or your web pages. As long as you share this page 🙂 Whether or not this page gets a million likes, all I want is for others to feel that they have support.


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