Suicide Shatters

Suicide Shatters

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Raising Awareness of Suicide, Prevention and Mental Illness

To raise awareness about suicide and mental illness, which often go hand in hand. I educate, advocate, support and refer others in this difficult recovery get the help they need to heal.

Company Overview

Hello and welcome to my page “Suicide Shatters” created Sept. 7th, 2011 by Barb Hildebrand. I’m Canadian living in Ontario. I am a passionate advocate for suicide prevention and mental illness since losing my late husband, Rob, to suicide Dec. 2000. I’ve had a lot of time to learn, accept, forgive, heal and move forward and feel so strongly that this is my purpose, to take my own experience, share with others and help them on their journey of recovery.

I am now a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and look forward to sharing with others how they too can recover from loss.

I’ve created this fanpage to host my many posts dealing with suicide, prevention and mental illness. I feel strongly that these topics need to be discussed openly in order to help dispel the ever present stigma both with suicide and mental illness. I run this page entirely on my own, no other Admins are involved, so when you see a response, it is from me. 

I belong to a great many support/prevention pages as well as mental health pages and will share many of their wonderful posts to help make others aware and learn how we can all help one another.

I know suicide and mental illness can be uncomfortable topics for many, so often times many are not comfortable commenting unless and until they themselves have personally experienced loss or illness. My hope is to engage with other like-minded individuals who are wanting to share information and discussion.

I also blog in 2 places, both which are listed at the bottom of this page with url’s. My wordpress blog is an extensive accounting about my own experience of losing my husband, my blogspot blog is one I use mostly for individual posts, sometimes relating to suicide but also other topics too.

I will carefully monitor the page and will delete any inappropriate, unkind or attacking type posts so this page is a safe environment for all. Not too many rules, just be respectful with one another and I do not allow posts with solicitation for funding because if you allow for one, you must allow for all and that’s not what this page is about. One other request I have is NOT to share graphic details of the suicide, they can be very upsetting and triggering for many members here, so I ask we not share those comments for the safety and well being of all on this page.

I am not a “trained” professional, just have my degree in L.I.F.E. and bring to the table what I have learned over years of self discovery and exploration. I so look forward to getting to know you!

General Information
** IMPORTANT NOTE: If you see anyone on FB who has posted a suicidal content or direct threat of suicide here’s the link for reporting it to FB:

Here is a link that shows as a page the 2 ways you can report suicidal content or direct threat:

It is a MYTH that people who talk about suicide don’t go through with it. Take action!

This is info from FB:

How do I help someone who has posted suicidal content on Facebook?

If you have encountered a direct threat of suicide on Facebook or have seen suicidal content posted, please immediately contact law enforcement. For reports in the United States, we also recommend that you contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a 24/7 hotline, at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). If possible, please encourage the user who posted the content to contact Lifeline as well.

You can view a list of suicide prevention hotlines in other countries by visiting and choosing from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

We encourage you to learn about how to identify and respond to warning signs of suicidal behavior online at the following address:

You can submit reports of suicidal content to Facebook by clicking here.


** REPORTING SUICIDAL CONTENT OR DIRECT THREAT on various social media sites: This is a link from Emotion Technology that lists many of the social media sites (Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, MySpace & Yahoo) reporting links for suicidal content or direct threat of suicide.


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