The Bipolar Express

The Bipolar Express

nex Well, basically I started this page just for me. I have Bipolar 2 Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD. I was diagnosed 15+ years ago. I always knew even early in life that I was different, sadness always overwhelmed me even before my teenage years. I spent most of my 20’s self medicating with alcohol and even after I was diagnosed I refused to accept that and kept drinking. When I was 33 I became pregnant with my first son and I stopped the drinking immediately and haven’t gone that direction again. After I had my son, I had post partum psychosis and thank god I recognized that something was wrong. I then finally accepted it and began taking my meds religiously and haven’t turned back. Along with being medicated, I attend therapy on a regular basis. I have certainly had my ups and downs. I now have 2 young boys that make my days more worth living and I have an amazing supportive man in my life. So, this page is for whatever information or inspiration I can give to anyone fighting this horrible disease. If anyone ever feels that they need to talk, please inbox me. I know what it feels like to feel alone and scared. Just keep the faith and know you are NOT alone. I am not a therapist, counselor or any type of medical professional. But I am genuine and I do care. I can listen and I can give you my opinion based on my experiences. If you need help and don’t know where to go, contact me and I will help you find a place. If you need to talk to a professional but don’t want to go out, I can help you there also. If you are suicidal, GET HELP NOW!! Do not wait. Call 911. Please everyone, feel free to post, comment and share anything from this page!!
General Information

Originally, this page was to increase awareness and help end the stigma of mental illness. It has become much more. It is about All Mental Illnesses, being Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, BPD, and a numerous amount of other things. It is about Abuse and Prevention. It is about Suicide and Self Harm. It is about knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Disclaimer: I do not claim the ownership or rights to any photo or link on this page.



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