Featured Advocate: Wendy from Mental Health Matters 3/21

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 wendyWendy Enberg I became an advocate after many years of struggling to find services for myself. I get a huge sense of gratification if I can help someone else in their journey and if sharing my experiences reduces stigma and shame, it encourages me to keep going. I believe that that voices of a few can open the minds of many.

Mental Health Matters

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A page dedicated to open and honest discussion about Matters related to Mental Health, including mental illness, addictions, resources, and advocacy.
I started this page in August 2013 after I completed DBT. I wanted a way to reach out to others during my own recovery and share my story with those that are struggling with their mental health. I post things related to mental illness, including blogs, articles, pictures and whatever piques my interest. Some of the posts may be triggering, but please know that anything I post comes from a place of compassion and caring.I encourage everyone to post comments and reach out and I will always do my best to connect you to a resource in your area. I do read every comment that gets posted and will respond to messages as well.

Abuse is not tolerated. Open minds are required. This is a place of nurturing and learning….not judgement.


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