Featured Advocate: Kiara from PTSD: A Survivor’s Journey 3/22

feature page 2

titanium Kiara:  I am the owner of the page PTSD: A Survivor’s Journey. Why am I an advocate for mental health? I spent years of my life trying to figure out what was wrong with me and feeling like I was alone. I don’t ever want anyone to feel that way, to feel like there is nobody out there that feels exactly the same pain. I am doing everything I can to change the stigma. I am a presenter for the Canadian Mental Health Association to youth. I share my experiences on my page and in public to stop the sigma and make sure someone knows that there’s someone there that understands and that’s it’s okay to not be okay.

PTSD: Survivor’s Journey

Image I am a woman from Canada with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and BPD. I want to reduce the stigma and get the word out. I am a survivor, not a victim. I have been through emotional and physical abuse as well as being assaulted… I am a survivor, not a victim. I am someone who wants to make a difference instead of push everything aside. I want to connect with other people with mental illnesses, to get the word out, and reduce the stigma.


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