Featured Advocate: Michelle from Bipolar Blonde Butterfly 3/30


ImageMichelle: I am bipolar and I also work with special needs children. I have watched them grow up and struggle with addictions and homelessness. My son is addicted to spice (k2) and steals and lies to get it. He says he’s so depressed he wants to smoke until he dies. They need help. My son will not get help and says he is not “crazy like I am.”

I finally got help for myself a few years ago and was diagnosed with bipolar 1. The meds have saved my life. I wish accessing mental health care would be a reality for everyone. I am still able to work, almost 40 years old. But I still have days when I don’t want to get out of bed. I think everyone hates me and I am not good enough. My husband doesn’t pay attention to me. Last year when I was on topamax, I had an affair. I am back home with my husband now and we are trying to work it out. But maybe he is lying and is only having me hear because I’m mentally unstable.

I am willing to do my part to help end the stigma and support people who need help.

Bipolar Blonde Butterfly

My place…here it is.

I am a teacher and a writer.


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