Featured Advocate: Monica from Overcoming Depression 3/24


Imagei am a mental health advocate  because i have had my mental illness since i was a kid and have been struggling with it all my life. It is important to me to help others with a mental illness, so they are not alone. I created my page so people have a  place where they feel safe and not judged.  I also think it’s important  because i want to stand against stigma….

Overcoming Depression 


I want to post uplifting, positive encouraging posts, to help our fight with depression
Hello, my name is Monica 26 yr old mother of 2 I have been struggling my whole life with depression, there are days when it gets to be too much andi want to call it quits but I find my inner strength through my kids, music, and other pages on here I became inspired to help others the best I can, I want you to know you are not alone, i am here WE are here in this together lets make this a good place to come to , to lift one another and encourage one another, NO negative remarks to anyone what so ever or you will be banned, if you have anything you want to share please feel free to share it 🙂 also this is a good place for anyone with any mental illness i try to post something for everyone and i am a Christian  so i do post some uplifting Chirstian posts too, so feel free to ignore them if it bothers you 🙂

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