Featured Advocate: Anonymous of Stay Strong, It Gets Better 3/23


ImageAnonymous: I want to share my story to inspire others that may be in a similar situation as to what I was in; to show them that the Battle against Depression is conquerable, and that we’re given the struggles we endure because we’re strong enough to make it through them.

Stay Strong, It Gets Better

This page was created by a person who survived depression and countless suicide attempts to give support to anyone who needs it.

I personally dealt with depression and countless suicide attempts for about 4 years. I know how it feels to look death in the eye over and over again; day to day. I know that feeling of wondering if you’ll live to see the next sunset. I made it through, but too many people aren’t so lucky. If you want advice, you can personally message this page and I’ll get back to you asap. It might look like the end now, but trust me, you have so much more to live for. And you are NOT alone in this struggle.If you have contemplated suicide, call 1-800-273-8255. You’re not alone, and should not feel ashamed. It’s okay to ask for help, I did.

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