Featured Advocate: Sarah from Bipolar- You’ve got it but I still love you. 3/25



Sarah- . I am a mental health advocate for my husband. He was diagnosed with it about 6 years ago. He has extreme rage and long periods of depression. After he had a battle with alcoholism, it was to the point for my well being I had to leave. It was at that point when I could see how badly he hurt himself also, that we made the choice to learn as much about the disorder as possible so that we could stay together, we have 4 children. Part of that choice for me was to hear the personal stories of others and share ours. My goal was to help us, but in turn I have helped others that have reached out, and that makes the struggle worth it. We don’t hide it, we are open and encourage those in our lives to be open about it so as to not judge our lifestyle. We still have impossibly hard times, but we are better able to deal with them and work through it together. I stand up for my husband and my family, that’s why I do it.

Bipolar- You’ve got it but I still love you

ImageThis is a place where we can share stories and get support from people who know what you’re going through. It can be challenging to have someone in your life with this disorder, but it helps when you can relate to others!

My husband was diagnosed with bipolar shortly before I met him about 5 years ago. He was upfront and honest that he had it. At the time I knew NOTHING about the disease. I didn’t know the roller coaster I was getting on, but looking back I wouldn’t have turned him away even if I did. He needed someone in his life willing to understand him and love him anyway, and I do, more than anything. But some days its just plain HARD. I started this page because I know there are many others like me, who cope with the disease every day, but from the outside and must deal with the pain and hurt it causes.


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