Featured Advocate: Denise from Step by Step Counselling MBACP – Registered 4/2


ImageDenise: I am an advocate as I have experienced several cycles of depression over the last 30 years and have first hand experience of the profound effect to me personally, my family, friends and the impact this had in the work place by trying to hide my illness . 6 years ago it felt the right time to give back to others and use my past to help others. I trained as a counsellor and am very passionate about raising awareness and tackling the stigma that people often come up against. I started my face book page last April and Would love to be able to reach many more people.

Step by Step Counselling MBACP – Registered


I am a fully qualified counselor and a member of British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP). In my spare time I am a volunteer for CRUSE Bereavement Care.
I work in an integrative way, using Person-Centred counseling as my core approach. I am based in Lincolnshire and my work with clients take me into their own homes. Please contact me by email, direct messaging or telephone to discuss one to one sessions in more detail.

My relevant Qualifications and CPD Training……..

NOCN Counseling Skills
CPCAB Certificate in Counseling Skills
CPCAB Certificate in Counseling Studies
Higher Professional Diploma in Counselng
Rickter Scale Practitioner Training
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
Foundations in Bereavement Care
Mental Health Awareness
Understanding Dementia
Managing & Handling Stress at Work
Death of a Child
Importance of Supervision
Death in the Services (Military) Training
Introduction to NLP
NLP Level 1

Why counseling?

As human beings we are all unique and have individual needs. There are times when we may feel overwhelmed by life, especially in today’s society and financial uncertainty. When our mental health is in good shape it is much easier to cope with the demands of everyday life. Imagine the mind and body as a sponge, it can only absorb so much before it is overwhelmed , unable to absorb any more before it starts to leak and breakdown.
Life can affect our mental health in much the same way and it is at times like this that we need support from someone else to help us mop up and get mind and body into better working order.

The first step in asking for help is the hardest. I aim to work with you ‘step by step’ on the road to recovery however short or long your road may be.


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