Featured Advocate: Anonymous from A Listening Ear 4/6 Page no longer exists

Image Anonymous Says: At first glance I’m your average person, no one can normally see what lies behind my smile but behind it is a whole different story. I’ve had a lot happen to me in my short 20 years, I have had to grow up too quick and endure the darkest corners of life which made me the person I am today. I am unsure of what i suffer from, I do not wish to find out as i have already discovered my own way to overcome the demon that is preventing me from letting go and being happy. Simply helping others and being the reason why someone smiled today is enough to keep me going and that is why I created my page @A Listening Ear. To help just one person through a tough day would be amazing. I help myself by helping others and the fact that helping others makes me feel this way proves to me that my soul has been untouched by the demons. Only my mind.


A Listening Ear 

If you have a problem/worry that you want to talk about, no matter how big or small, a listening ear is here for you. Non-judgmental and confidential.

To help at least one person through a tough day would be amazing. I can not offer professional advice but i can be there for you when all you want is a friendly non-judgmental chat.


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