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Featured Advocate: Anonymous from A different Kind of Warrior 5/18

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fake a smileAnonymous: I became an advocate for self harm and eating addictions because I went through the darkness. I know some of what it feels like. Every person is different so I cant know exactly but I take my feelings and how I pushed through the darkness to bring light to others. Life is so precious and if we come together to give hope to those that have lost hope we can make a difference. 

A Different Kind of Warrior

This is a page for every Warrior that struggles with every aspect of depression. including self-harm and eating disorders.
Message if you want to talk. I started this page because I know what its like to be alone in a crowd. I use to be where you may be standing now. My hope is to help and encourage you to keep fighting by sharing my daily struggle with depression and self-harm. I want to let you know you don’t have to fight alone. There are people that care about you when you may not care about yourself.
Feel free to message me about anything going on in your life that has you struggling. We are all fighters, we are all survivors, we are ALL warriors inside. ♥ Native love to you all! ~Beautiful Scars~
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Featured Advocate: Chastity from “Where’s your pants? and other things parents of children with autism say” 5/17

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nopantsChastity: I am the mother of three children, two of whom are on the autism spectrum. Their delays are severe and they would be considered on the more low functioning end of the spectrum by definition.

My son is 12 and my daughter 8. She is nonverbal and uses a Dynavox to communicate. So I wear the autism mom hat and I am also an early childhood special education teacher for children ages birth to three. I often work with families who are just receiving a diagnosis and are in the initial phase of navigating this windy path of parenting a child on the autism spectrum. I think as a special educator and parent I bring a lot to the table at my job and I try to be an advocate and encourage my coworkers to be empathetic during this time for all families.

I was a stay at home mom for almost five years when my kids were young and during this time I spoke at our local autism conference and ARC conference. I helped write a grant to get project lifesaver started in our county and have been a resource for new families in our district who could use some help. I believe that there are a spectrum of therapies and treatments to help out children and stay neutral on controversial issues as the spectrum is wide and requires every individual to find what works best for them. My page and blog are an outlet and resource to help promote hope and a sense of humor to this already challenging life.

Where’s your pants? and other things parents of children with autism say

This page is about our family adventures and navigating life with 3 children (2 with autism) and doing it with a sense of humor!
I am a mother, wife, teacher and staunch autism advocate. We have been navigating the autism path for about 8 years now with two children on the spectrum and another child smack dab in the middle who does not have special needs. We have tried almost every therapy available and blazed a few trails of our own.

Featured Advocate: Sharon from In loving memory of my son Jason Scott Hearn 5/16

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sharonSharon:  I lost my son to suicide and since opened up about my struggles with mental illnesses I have made it my mission in life in my son’s honor to help raise more awareness about mental illness suicide and grief following suicide.

In loving memory of my son Jason Scott Hearn 11/01/1986 – 15/10/2012

My son’s page to help “RAISE AWARENESS” about “SUICIDE”, “MENTAL ILLNESS” and the “GRIEF” following “SUICIDE”. It does “NOT” discriminate it can happen to anybody. Thank you for you support.Sharon (Jason’s Mum) ♥
I lost my only son to suicide. He was 26 a devoted father of 3 and very much loved brother of 2 sisters. It was a very painful shock to us as he hid his pain.I have made it my mission to raise awareness and stop the stigma associated around suicide and mental illness.So that people can know it is ok to talk and not be judged .Mental illness and suicide can be treated and prevented with the right help…NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO SUFFER IN SILENCE!! Please help by “LIKING” and “SHARING” my son’s page.Because together i believe we can all help to raise awareness and hopefully prevent suicide and help people feel comfortable talking about their problems without been judged. Thankyou in advance Sharon Jason’s mum ♥

Featured Advocate: Gina from “A day in the life of Gina” 5/15

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ginaGina:  I became  a mental health advocate many years ago because I had to be an advocate for myself. After I was diagnosed w/bipolar at the age of 22, I was shuttled to doctors, therapists, and told to take these, they will make you feel better. NOTHING worked. I began reading and educated myself on my disease and treatments to maintain. I had to educate my own family who had NO clue about mental illness. It was a ‘phase’.

Now that I am 46, and have been through a lot, I am able to educate others on things. I have ‘been there and done that’, sadly. I enjoy telling people my struggles and how I manage to overcome them and not be angry. It is hard. So hard. I met a new doc in 2010, after 3 trips to the ‘ward’ in 2 months and he has really been a life saver for me. While I have my days, I don’t like I used to. He listened to me, and put me on meds accordingly to my symptoms. 

It is still a struggle, and I have lost some good friends to this disease. But, I am proof too if you work hard, you can make it.


A day in the life of Gina

Welcome to my bipolar disordered world…..


Featured Advocate: Andrea from A Day in the Life of Autism 5/14



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Andrea:  I have an 8 year old daughter who is autistic and she is the light of my life. I am her ADVOCATE. I am her VOICE!


A Day in the Life of Autism

autism2Taking each day, one day at a time and living to tell about it!
I am a 39 year old mom of 5.D- is 19, A- is 18, B- is 16, L- is 14 and my autistic angel DD- is 8.DD was diagnosed as autistic 4 years ago along with mental retardation and learning disability. She has surprised us every day with something new. Her mentality is of a 4 year old, although I am watching her making that a lie daily. I think she’s closer to 6 and a half!autism

Featured Advocate: Emma from Confronting Life Without The Bottle. 5/13

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bottleEmma: I consider myself an advocate, as I have chosen to go public with my whole story. Addiction is one of them taboo subjects, that people have very little compassion for, and this is so wrong!

Its one of the hardest illnesses out there to battle, and I want to try and encourage more people to not be ashamed, and to come forward and share, which ultimately changed my whole life.
I myself am an alcoholic in recovery, nearly 3 years now, I am also bipolar, which I also believe, was a big contributor to my drink problem.
3 years ago, I had lost everything, my marriage, I was very violent when drunk, and my children, where social services decided I was unfit to live with them. I went from living at home, married and with my children, to a bedsit, and alone with the bottle.
My story had a happy ending though, and thankfully I was strong enough to fight the addiction and get my life back, but so many don’t.
This page is my diary of the last few years and how I got there, as well as to the current day, where I am now about to release my own book about my life.
The last few years I’ve done and seen more than I ever have, and everyday I’m being offered really exciting opportunities.
I’ve never been happier than I am now.
My journey through the last few years, since admitting I had a drink problem, and finally facing it. The best thing I’ve ever done 🙂 x
Creating this page was one of the best things I ever did, every morning the first thing i do is have my coffee and fag! and sit down and have a read. I’ve also made good friends now with people from all over the world.
At first I was a little scared with my posting about how much I should be sharing, but now every time I have a bad day, or an obstacle pops up, I don’t feel like there’s anything I’d want to hide, and sharing is only making me stronger.
I’m also learning that not everyone’s journeys are the same, but then we all have different demons we will have had to face first before reaching sobriety.
I hope so much I will always feel this strong, I know there will probably be lots more obstacles, but I’m learning not to be scared of them anymore.
Where I am right now is one of the best places I’ve ever been x

Featured Advocate: Brian from Aspergers – A lighter shade of blue 5/12

Featured Advocate for the Day

brian 1Brian:  I am 53 and diagnosed with aspergers syndrome. I was one of the invisible autistic people of the 60’s who got bullied and labelled retarded. I led a traumatic life of torment until I got married and had children. My story is an escape story, I escaped the wrath society has of difference and fought back!

I have been married for 30 years to a neuro typical lady and have two lovely boys, one diagnosed with autism and the other diagnosed with Aspergers and in his 3rd year at university.

I am an autism advocate because I want to pave the way for a better future for my sons and all autistic people. It is my intention to become a well known advocate and am presently writing my autobiography. I took part in the recent BBC2 Horizon documentary with Uta Frith, called ‘Living with autism’ that was on television in early April. It was great fun and I met and worked alongside Uta Frith a world expert. 

I also do lectures for parents of newly diagnosed parents of children on the spectrum and try to promote healthy and positive support and advice for those who want to empower themselves. I use the word empower as autism may be difficult for some, but for others it can be changed into a superpower! I have been running my page for 10 months now and it is building slowly but surely. I have achieved all of these things in less than a year and hope to recover my health to propel myself onto greater challenges and at the same time protect my children. Being autistic is to be different, and to be different, can make the difference.

 Aspergers – A lighter shade of blue

Aspergers syndrome and autism awareness community.

I am diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and I am the proud father of two boys on the spectrum. I hope to spread awareness and take a positive, practical outlook.

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Featured Advocate: Ishani from Never Lose Hope 5/11

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nlhIshani: This is why I wanted to be an advocate: Before a couple of years ago my 22 year old friend had met with a major accident . Doctors said that his condition was very critical and he cannot survive as he was in a coma for more than a month.

The boy’s family, on hearing this were so shocked that they had lost all hope on him. But I never lost any hope in it as I knew hope is always there for everybody. And surprisingly after many prayers and well wishers there was a miracle that took place .

After two months from the accident happened , he woke up from his coma and to the doctors surprise, he was then out of danger. Then it almost took 6-7 months to recover from the major accident .I never lost hope on my friends  as we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.So, It takes all hope to live the life for tomorrow.

Never Lose Hope

nlh3Never lose hope, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.
Sometimes that’s all you have..
when you have nothing else..
If you have it..
You have everything.!!!

Featured Advocate: Mark from Dancing with Black Dog 5/10

Featured Advocate for the Day

Mark: I am a huge advocate for mental health because I am fortunate to have beaten anxiety and depression, having struggled with both until 3 years ago  and now every day is better than the previous 40! I also tell my story at my main website.

Dancing With The Black Dog

bdThis Facebook page is all about my website which tells the unfolding warts ‘n’ all story of my battle with (and resounding victory over!) anxiety, irrational worrying and depression – my long, slow dance with the black dog

The overall purpose of me telling my story is to do my bit to eradicate the stigma of mental illness, to encourage others to take action against their own black dogs. I also want to show people that the black dog is far more prevalent than many of us may care to imagine. Also, and most importantly of all – that these conditions CAN be beaten, and you CAN emerge stronger and wiser to lead a happier, more ‘normal’ life than you ever thought possible. I know this is possible because all this happened to me; because I took the fight to my inner demons – and I won.

I am not a medical professional, nor am I a qualified psychologist or counselor – but I have successfully dealt with several great such individuals over the past few years. I cannot therefore provide a qualified medical opinion. I am, however, most certainly qualified to tell my own story, and share my deepest and darkest as well as greatest and brightest experiences with you.


Featured Advocate: Lindsay from Supporting Parents & Guardians of Adolescents Suffering from Mental Illness 5/9

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Lindsay:Hi, I am the mum of a daughter who at the age of 14 attempted suicide. At the time I had no-one to turn to apart from my husband. I was edited from a site for using the word suicide. Yes, I know this can be a trigger, however, the site was for parents of children with mental illness.
As a result of this I started a support page for parents and caregivers of adolescents and children suffering from a mental illness (SPGASMI). The page was started so other parents would not feel alone. I am an advocate for mental health, as parents and caregivers we need support to be able to look after our children and deal with all the problems that are thrown at us.

Supporting Parents & Guardians of Adolescents Suffering from Mental Illness

buThis group has been started for parents and care givers of adolescents and children suffering from any mental illness. It is a means to provide support and advice♥

A place where parents and caregivers can share, help and most importantly find help and solace in knowing they are not alone.

I am the mother of a 14 year old beautiful child who I love dearly. Recently she was admitted to hospital after attempting suicide.I found little help across the internet when seeking a place I could speak about my experiences, my fears, my anguish and my confusion in knowing how to cope and at the same time, to be strong for my daughter and family.I hope this site will provide for those caring for adolescents and children suffering from any mental illness some comfort, support and any advice I and others may have to give to you. If anything, please find solace in knowing that you are not alone.Please note I am not qualified with any medical degree and any actions taken or decisions made in regards to looking after mental health should first be consulted with professional medical opinion such as your general practitioner, or counselor, etc.