Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Not Alone with Me 4/16

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nawmAnonymous: We are a group of people who either suffer from a mental illness, and the stigma that wrongly comes with it, or are suicide survivors. The idea behind Not Alone With Me is to help share articles about different mental illness, how to help one another, be a support team and share encouragement and positive energy to all. We are trying to help end the stigma of mental illness in today’s society and together we are stepping out from behind the mask. Thank you so much for the support!

Not Alone With Me
nawm 2Stepping out of the dark, together. *None of the information posted should ever take the place of the advice and orders of your Dr.

Stepping out from behind the mask. A community of survivors, supporters, and fighters, bringing light to mental health awareness. The stigma, alienation, and intolerance against those of suffering from a mental illness needs to end. Together, we are not alone!


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