Featured Advocate: Bassem from Solemn Stream Mental Health Advocacy 4/12

Featured Advocate for the Day

basseBassem: I was diagnosed with bipolar when I was 17 (1997), and it was really rough in the early years especially, as well as being made worse by going through a part of my teenage years in an environment of bullying by the same people I called ‘friends’. I have been writing about my experiences since then, and sharing it publicly more and more.

I guess my motivation is to try and reach a person like me at the early stage that I was and give them hope on their journey, and maybe through lessons or insights shared it might make things easier for them at least a little bit.

I have been active in a few groups on FB and been inspired by the other advocates, and just mental illness sufferers in general being open, honest, and continuing on each day.

I also have been inspired by my classmates this year, who agreed to make short mental health awareness videos as part of an assignment (which some have allowed me to promote). I am motivated by my past education in E-Publishing, business, and now ‘Mobile and Social Media Management’ to network with others and use the latest multimedia tools and strategies to advance this worthwhile cause.

I am most likely going to work with a Not for Profit agency in the summer as part of school credit to help them with ‘media solutions’, and I have got a confirmation from another student, and possibly a second that will join me as a team to maximize the efforts. You can view a bit of my personal journey, read through poetry, on the video embedded on my website/blog.


Solemn Stream Mental Health Advocacy

sstreSolemn Stream Mental Health Advocacy: Raising mental health awareness through creativity, multimedia, and collaboration.

To raise mental health awareness through creativity, multimedia, and collaboration. To provide individuals and organizations with multimedia, social media, and other relevant solutions to advance their causes.

Solemn Stream Mental Health Advocacy: Is dedicated to raising mental health awareness through the avenues of creativity (arts, poetry, articles etc.), multimedia (videos, images, motion graphics, etc.), and collaborations (sharing the message of other pages and sites working in the space, being a consultancy for individual advocates, and organizations).The name was born out of the Founder’s related creative work on the topic: ‘Solemn Stream – A Poetic Journey through Faith and Bipolar’ (Over 15 years of creative writing/poetry to be published soon. Sample writing can be found here:The idea for an advocacy group focused on using the tools on multimedia, social media etc. originated from the Founder’s current Post Graduate Certificate of ‘Mobile and Social Media Management’, where his fellow students participated in the cause by creating short ‘awareness videos’. Also, in May 2014, the Founder along with one or two Partners (students), plan to do a test run of providing media solutions to a locally based mental health organization, in Ottawa. Perhaps this consultancy will grow into a tangible business if the students decide to stay together, or if the Founder sees the sustainability of proceeding even primarily on his own.

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