Featured Advocate: Claire from Mental Health News Hub 4/13

Featured Advocate for the Day mnhClaire: How did we become mental health advocates? I don’t know if we fit the job description.  We are just two consumers who decided to share accurate mental health information from reliable sources to help people gain a better understanding of mental illness. We started the page, Mental Health News Hub, because we both have been ill for years and felt that we had a lot of lived experience to share. You learn a lot during years of psychiatric treatment. I thought that with that and my nursing background I might have something to offer. My co-admin Keith Staley’s work background also put him in contact with people with mental health issues, the homeless. Keith and I met in an online support group and got the idea for this page, which we think is a little different than a lot of others on FB. We do mostly straight news and information. And we do it from a consumer’s point of view. No outside influences as we have no website or organization behind us. We have nothing to gain by doing the page (other than personal satisfaction), so that leaves us free to post without any particular agenda. It’s a page run by the mentally curious for the mentally curious. That’s it in a nutshell. More nut than shell.   Mental Health News Hub mhnh2Mental Health News Hub: mental health news, information, and resources from reliable sources and MH organizations. Run by the mentally curious. Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” -Kofi Annan. Information and education are empowering. For those who suffer from a mental illness, learning about their illnesses allows them to become active participants in their own treatment. For families and friends of sufferers, education on MH issues helps them to be more supportive, and to find resources and support for themselves as well. For people as yet untouched by mental illness in their lives, accurate MH information is the best way to counter the misunderstandings, stigma, discrimination and fear that still surround mental illness. In the Notes section, you will find: – a Mental Health Video Library – a list of Excellent Websites for accurate and reliable mental health information – a list of helpful Books and Films about mental illness and recovery. – a Note on how to access affordable mental health care/meds in the U.S.. – a list of some excellent FB MH support pages on various topics All lists are a work in progress. In our LIKES section, you can find the names of many mental health information and advocacy organizations with pages on FB. Both of the Admins on this page, one American and the other English, suffer from mental illnesses. One has a professional work history in the health care field, the other in aid and fund-raising for the homeless. We have no affiliation with any organization or website. We do this page because we enjoy it.


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