Featured Advocate: Melissa from Payton’s Pledge to Stop the Bullying 4/9

Featured Advocate for the Day

paytonMelissa: I became an Anti Bully Advocate when my only late daughter, Payton Ruth Anne, (forever 12); became a Bullycide Statistic. I want to make a positive change for the whole world’s children. I have started by working on passing a Wisconsin State Cyber Bully Law with Senator Timothy Cullen; “Payton’s Law”. We have passed the House of Representatives unanimously 9 to 0 and now await the Senate Floor.

I speak to Schools, Youth Groups, and Community Organizations about bullying and tell Payton’s Story in hopes that she can save many lives from her desperate actions in taking her own life. I run a Facebook Page, a Twitter Page, a Tumblr page, and a couple Facebook Groups in her memory.

I want to leave my daughter a beautiful, caring, loving, and big hearted Legacy as she was and in the process we hope to save many lives as we make this positive movement happen.

payton'sPayton’s Pledge to Stop the Bullying

Payton Ruth Anne Richardson (bullycide-forever 12)
To promote change, educate, and advocate Anti Bullying!


One comment

  1. Melissa you have done such a wonderful job with everything you have accomplished since you started as an Advocate.You are a very strong willed person to take a stand & come this far, to take a stand & not stopping until you reached your goal for something you believe in !!! Keep up your hard work.

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