Featured Advocate: Rose from Interior Therapist – Body Mind Spirit 4/17

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Rose:  I am an advocate of mental health issues as I also experienced issues around mental health growing up and in a family that dealt with domestic issues. I have spent most of my life being an advocate of wellness inspiration and hope to others and my FB page was set up a couple of years ago to bring inspiration through my words to anyone who needs it. Love beauty and clarity.





itt2Interior Therapist – Body Mind Spirit

Interior Therapy – body mind spirit.My work is copyright.
Company Overview
Writer/Intuitive/Spiritual Perceptive/Counsellor
Repeat After Me – Declarations ©.My work is all about creating and writing declarations and narratives that help with self realisation self love and self acceptance. Who we are on the inside determines our outside.

Artist/Author/Energy Sensitive/BA Education/ Post Graduate Career Counselling/Reiki Master/ Spiritual guidance, Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner, Intuitive/Perceptive. 
..love beauty clarity
I am passionate about helping you become all that you can be.
With love beauty and clarity 
ROSE ISSARegistered Teacher
Career Lifeskills Counsellor
Reiki Master Healer/Intutive Teacher
Energy Intuitive
Professional Career Coach and Counsellor
Member of International Institute for Complimentary Therapy
Member Reiki Australia
Member CDAA
Member of ARC
WACOT memberA note: all images and information are copyright 2012

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