Featured Advocate: Tracy from Big Elephant 4/8

Featured Advocate for the Day Tracy Tracy:  I am an advocate for mental health and addiction in loving memory of my 18 year old son, Josh, who we lost on 8/23/2013. For many years before this tragic day, we spent so much time in treatment centers and behavioral centers, working with therapists, counseling, doing everything we could to help. Unfortunately the best efforts of what seemed like an entire community of loving family members and others weren’t enough to save this beautiful soul.

What we have learned is that awareness, education and removing stigma are the most important ways that we can try to reach out and help others and maybe we will be able to help fortune smile on someone else’s family.

Working together with other advocates and organizations, such as Mental Health Advocates, will give us the opportunity to make sure that positive differences are made. One out of four people will struggle with a mental illness in his or her lifetime and more than 50% of American families are affected by addiction. Yet, there is so much stigma and it’s a big elephant in the room. It’s time to start talking about it.

Big Elephant

beMental health advocate for children and families affected by mental illnesses.

Creating better lives by opening minds and resources for those living with mental health and substance abuse problems by providing and improving access to mental health and substance abuse information, along with assistance and recovery resources such as prevention, screening, assessment, and treatment for young people who would otherwise not be exposed to through its network of volunteers, donors and partners.


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