Jim from Victims of Violent Crimes and Teen Victims of Violent Crimes 4/10

Featured Advocate for the Day


Jim: I am an advocate for Victims of Violent Crimes because on October 5th 2005, I was Shot while working at Rent A Center by a customer.
I was at his house because he requested us to pick up his merchandise. While there he went crazy because he thought he was paying for a bigger tv than he had.
Long story short I was shot at 6 times with 45 hollow points, I was hit twice. The first one hit my right shoulder blowing the bone to pieces then ricocheted down through my ribs and got lodged in between two of them. The other entered the left side of my bellybutton through my bowel and out the right side of my back.
Today I live with limited motion and arthritis pain in my right shoulder, partial paralysis in my right arm wrist and fingers, a bullet in my ribs, blood clots behind my knee, a vena cava filter in my chest,  hernias in my stomach, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and who knows what else. I now have post concussion syndrome as well because the blood thinners made me pass out and hit my head a few years back.
The reason I started my page is because I realized that I could not talk to my family and friends as they did not understand so on my page victims can talk to each other and know they are understood and not alone.
Plus helping others makes me feel better.

vovcVictims of Violent Crimes


Our mission is to do whatever we can to make a survivors day just a little brighter.
We offer a place for survivors to talk to others who understand what you are going through.
We just want to make a difference one survivor at a time.

deltvovcTeen Victims of Violent Crimes This is an online support group for teen Victims of Violent Crimes. It is a sister page of http://facebook.com/victims.support/

Our goal is to help as many Victims of Violent crimes as possible We are an online support group for teens who are victims of violent crimes.If you need help finding resources in your area such as dv shelters or anything else we will help the best we can. We accept victims of rape, bullying, attempted murder and more. we do not offer financial assistance. Looking for more help go to our sister page

Our mission is to help as many victims as possible through online support.



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