Featured Advocate: Joyce from A Single Mom’s Autism Journey 4/18

featured page

Joyce: My advocacy is that of a personal journey, as I advocate for my daughter, AnnaMae. She was officially diagnosed with autism at 18 months old – just 3 months after starting our life’s journey away from her father. Single mom – faced with the challenges of a disability. My precious angel will be now turning 17 years old in just a few weeks and we have definitely been one roller coaster of journey. There have been (and still are) many obstacles thrown our way but most important of all: my little angel has persevered. I have walked the paths of this journey pretty much solo, and had no real support during the early years walking down the roads of autism. Therefore, I have decided to make our presence known by creating the FB page, so that I can share my special daughter with the world – and to be of support to anyone who needs it.


I created this page to share the journey that my daughter and I have been on as we traveled through the ups and downs in putting together this Autism Puzzle. This page is also a place to share the journey of others.

A place to give and receive support during our autism journey.
In dedication to my pride and joy: Annamae



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