Featured Advocate: Dawn from Diary of a Drug’s Survivor (18 and above Only) 4/20

feature page 2 dawn

Dawn: I’d like to think I am an advocate of mental health, I have myself on a couple of occasions found myself in a mental health ward in the hospital, as I could not cope with life anymore but after my last time in an hospital I was really looked after by 1 particular nurse, she made sure that when I left the hospital I had some were to go that would help me and she helped me get a room in an hostel, it is by far the best decision I ever made to o into that hostel,they helped me to get sorted and as I was a “Vulnerable adult” I got help quickly and now 8 yrs later my life is so good you know  I mean it, I have my own kids both grown up no but they live together. as my daughter just had a baby and her brother said he would live with her for a while as she needed the support from him and were all so close these days, so

I can honestly say that some mental health nurses and such really do help people like me, my nerves are all settled now and I am so happy, so so happy and I am a Nanna now too, happy dayz.  However, my sister suffers terribly with her nerves, and quite a few family members have as well, our older aunts and uncle’s well most of them seem to get Alzheimer’s disease and some of their care as been shocking, I have to say the people who suffer with mental health in my town if they have no family to fight their corner then they are screwed .literally….and that to me is not acceptable, wish I knew how to change some things,but I don’t….not yet at any rate.

I share this in memory of the friends I have lost along my journey, the people who lived the sad life of an addict with no one to turn to, I have seen so many die this last few years and every time I hear of someone else dying it breaks my heart, and I really do mourn them, I look to god and ask him “Why them and not me” surely I was a much worse addict/junkie than they were” and a part of me feels guilty, ….guilty because I not only got out but I got my life back , I just wish they could of done the same RIP to all of them till we meet again.

Diary of a Drug’s Survivor

drugThis page is were I share memories of being abused,prison,addicted to drugs I also want 2 do a book some time if i can afford to but 100% true tho every word
As sad as my story will seem to you at times I am a grown up who is fine now and as come to terms with the majority of my demons and I am hoping by revisiting my memories I can find the demons that still haunt me and lay them to rest, so no matter how sad or tragic it seem’s sometimes remember I have come through it all and so you will see some posts about some of the laughs I have had along the way and there are to many laughs to be able to count them so soak up the sadness if you must but let it go as soon as you leave here Like I do, if anyone wants to know how I walked away from all of this and wants help with their own demons feel free to message me…and if I can help you I will do……and so enjoy your reading of my story……. it is all true 🙂

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