Featured Advocate: Hannah from Soap and Water – A Short Film About OCD 4/21

Featured Advocate for the Day

hannahHannah: I would describe myself as an advocate for mental health because I believe mental health is a taboo in our society, and if I can do something to turn that around then I should.


Soap and Water – A Short Film About OCD Facebook Page

Article on Soap and Water                Short Film 

short filmThis is the Facebook Page for the short British film ‘Soap and Water’. Written by Hannah Brennan, this piece deals honestly with the issue of OCD.

Originally performed as a play for the Durham Drama Festival, and receiving outstanding reviews, the film seemed like an organic next-step for this piece of writing.

The film was released on the 7th February 2014, and the film’s makers hope that it will help raise awareness, and lend support to those with OCD.

Made in affiliation with Hild Bede Theatre, a small (but mighty) Durham University theatre company, this film is the first of its kind to come out of Durham – so please be a part of it by sharing the trailer, liking our Facebook page or subscribing to our youtube channel!

Plot Outline

The film doesn’t follow a traditional plot, but follows two unnamed characters, played by Lily Morgan and Rory Barnes, as they explore the emotions, stigma and development of OCD.

Short Film 3



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