Featured Advocate: Kristin from Just Josiah J. – Autism Adventures 4/22

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hris2Kristin: I am an advocate for mental health because I am an advocate for autism. I became more aware of autism in April of 2013 when my son was diagnosed. I have been an advocate for him among many other children. I am an advocate through my own personal account, my Facebook page, a blog, a local support group gathered on Facebook with nearly 130 awesome moms who are advocates for their own children as well. The speaking up for autism awareness does not just stop on line as I almost daily have a conversation about autism. I advocate for swimming that is very helpful for children with sensory issues. I advocate for self rescue swimming, so in and event that a child wanders away and jumps or falls into water they can rescue themselves while the adult(s) are frantically looking for them. I am working on a bachelors degree in early childhood education, so I can be an advocate for many other children with many other needs weather it be mental or physical. I have volunteered in ECSE classrooms in the past and look for ward to my 1-2 years left of classes to get my degree and be able to be a Gen Ed preschool teacher.

Just Josiah J. – Autism Adventures

josiahI am a young mother, wife, and undiagnosed aspie. My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS(autism) when he was 21 months old. Autism & swimming will be shared!

My son has PDD-NOS (autism) which he was diagnosed with at 21M. He is now two. He loves swimming. Loves just might be not a strong enough word. This page was created to follow Just Josiah J. -Autism Adventures blog and for quick little updates that might not make it on the blog.

I am a young mother(24 as of March 21, 2013). I have one child Josiah who turned 2 on July 9th. I am married (for three years now as of June 18, 2013), to a wonderful man (who is a co owner of this page and 9 years older than me). I guess our family could be described as crunchy (best way to describe this is natural parenting), I do not think we are that crunchy, but we may be crunchier then I think since some people look at me crazy for certain things we do. Josiah was diagnosed with autism at 21 months though I had a feeling something was off from a really, really early age since I have had contact with massive amounts of infants and have learned early childhood behaviors in school as well, so I say my degree which is still in the process (bachelors in early childhood education which is 2/3 of the way done-probably another 2-3yrs going half time) has paid for itself already. It is normally less therapy and more progress to get diagnosed early. If only programs that promote early intervention were actually of help to us in his diagnoses. His pediatrician is a wonderful women. However we have came into contact with not so great people of authority/doctors, so I know some parents do not have the help of their pediatrician. I would just like to say that swimming more specifically ISR has been one of the best “therapies” for Josiah and completely recommend it to the whole autism community. I am a stay at home mom other than going to college. (might add more to this later but for now this will do). Blog

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