Abby from Family Love Hope mental health support & educate 4/25

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mh awarenessAbby:  I’m an advocate for mental health awareness because one of my children suffers from schizophrenia. I recently started a page to post positive thoughts & helpful information to families with children that have mental health issues. (& anyone else that would benefit) I have also worked with students in special ed classes & with children @ a juvenile detention center that suffered from a variety of mental health issues. I want to help & support those looking for information or in need of a positive thought to help with their day.

Family Love Hope mental health support & educate

Positive resources of information & support for mental health issues.

I am hoping to reach out to people that are looking for info as they learn to help their own children learn & manage their own mental health issues. When my child was diagnosed with schizophrenia @ age 13, his dr. & therapist wanted me to find a group that was for families with children suffering from mental illness. I was unable to find a group like this anywhere in our state. They were all general groups. Once I’m able to go back to work, I’d like to start a NAMI group such as the 1 I mentioned. I feel that sharing what we have gone through & work through each day might be able to help someone else. At times it can be very hard, but we always stay positive & never give up. I have found so many pages & groups that are so positive & informative. It’s great to see others trying to make a difference & helping with mental health awareness !!

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