Featured Advocate: Belle from insomAniacs 4/26



featured page


Belle: As a person who has suffered from multiple health issues; depression, anxiety and insomnia are a constant. insoManiacs has become an outlet for the musings hyper sensory minds. When thoughts ramble in the middle of the night, this page is here to help others know that they’re not alone. They’re not different. We can be awake together. Laugh together. Think together. It’s always important to have others simply understand.



“full of all the things your brain won’t shut up about when you’re trying to sleep
fun, crazy, dazed, sleep deprived mania
Most anything goes, but there will be no HATRED
What comes to mind when you can’t sleep?
Find something funny while browsing the internet @ 2, 3, 4 am?
Possibly sleep inducing?
That’s what it’s all about.
Share your stories and pictures. Message if you’d like to admin. or for anything else.”




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