Featured Advocate: Anonymous at Be Safe on Social Network Sites 4/27

Featured Advocate for the Day
besAnonymous: We feel that we are mental health advocates not because we are big-headed, but because we started out here on Facebook and other social network sites as complete novices: being excited at the prospect of finding new friends, finding “lost” friends/family as well as having the belief that is would be all a very beneficial and positive experience. However, the internet has it’s downfalls, Facebook and other social network sites can be so cruel, devastating to the point that people are feeling compelled to take their own lives.
That is what we at Be Safe are so against and we are trying our utmost not to merely point out the negative aspects of social networking, but to educate those who either feel desperately alone, bullied, out of their depth, seek advice and to create a better understanding to ALL of the “hidden” dangers.
First and foremost your Facebook profiles need to be set securely. Secondly, anything that makes you uncomfortable, ashamed, humiliated, causes you pain can and should be reported. Thirdly, Be Safe is indeed a safe place to ask for advice, to look around and find what you wish or to add your bit of wisdom! What does this have  to do with Mental Health you might ask yourself? The most vulnerable people in society, the delicate, kind and open people in this world get often abused, harassed, bullied/cyber bullied and hurt the most. Nobody has the right to do that to anybody, especially not when hiding behind a computer screen, a mobile phone, tablet or whatever gadget. Let us all Be Safe and spread kindness rather then negativity. Thank you for reading this and please feel free to visit, like and share us! TOGETHER WE CAN AND MUST TRY TO MAKE A BETTER WORLD 
bes2This group has been set up to find out if users feel SAFE on social network sites. If there are users out there that do not feel safe, have any other worries, are being bullied are they listened to by the Network site providers? Do the providers do anything about their concerns?This group is there to find out from YOU what your views are?

Reporting: When making a report to the below for child sexual abuse images, follow these steps:1. You do not need to leave your full details. Leave an email address so that they can get back to you if they need additional information or so you know, at least, whether they are actually following up on your report.2. Apart from the URL that you paste into the appropriate box (if available), add a general description at the top, somewhat as follows:Reporting Child Abuse Images / Child Sexual Abuse ImagesNature of images: Nude / Non nude / Sexual Abuse / Graphic Underage Sex / CAI & CAM(above delete whatever not applicable)

Additional Info: Mention anything else that may help authorities, i.e. Post & Remove site, how many images noticed and any other hidden links to CAI videos or external sites not easily noticed. Also in severe cases you can here post any other related links, such as people sharing the images, and related profiles and pages.

Please only inform the below in severe cases, where there is child nudity or severe non-nude cases. It seems other than that, they dont really take an interest. Maybe there is just too many reports such as that.

The ones to generally use are FBI, NCMEC (USA) & IWF (UK). If there are clear origins in other countries, you can report to those down below as well. For severest cases where multiple nationalities are posting and sharing CAI, also report to Interpol and ICE http://www.ice.gov/exec/forms/hsi-tips/tips.asp

For resources, please see their FB page.

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