Featured Advocate: Luke from U Can’t Be Erased 4/29

Featured Advocate for the Day

unashLuke:  I am a survivor of a violent suicide attempt in December, 2012, when I was 16. Following the attempt and after treatment and recovery, I started ucantberased.com to help those with mental illness, especially depressed teens.

After my attempt, I was surprised at the lack of support groups in my surrounding areas, so I started one for teens and their parents. I hold monthly meetings and will be starting more groups in the adjacent county this year.

I also blog regularly to help teens with the variety of issues facing us youth today. My site offers resources for both teens and parents, including a letter teens at risk for suicide can print out and give to their parents, telling them that they’re depressed. I want to save lives. 


unash2Teen Depression Support. Unashamed.
Watch this short video of my story:
I’m Luke. After a serious suicide attempt (watch my video for details), I’m in recovery for major depressive disorder (MDD). I recommend you skip the first part of my previous sentence and go directly to finding the right treatment to help you recover.I started a Teen Depression Support Group in my area. It’s great to be with others who understand what it’s like, but I want to reach teens around the world and hear about their experiences. I bet we have a lot in common.Life can be good. Don’t just take my word for it. Find out for yourself.   Blog ucantberased



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