Featured Advocate: Penny from “The Bully Effect” 5/3

Featured Advocate for the Day

pennyPenny: I’m an advocate of many things actually. How does an anti bully advocate help with mental health? On a daily basis. I constantly talk to kids every single day. Those who cut or even try to kill themselves due to bullying. On my own personal fb I even do the same. I have many parents on my list who have lost their child due to what we know as “bullycide” now. It’s more than just a page. I’m the host of blog talk radio’s “The Bully Effect” 

My mission, to spread education and awareness on the affects of bullying. To let each and every person that comes to me know that they are not alone and they can use their voice. I cover from childhood bullying to government bullying.. A-Z. My (catch phrase if you will) “Don’t be a victim, be a voice, heard around the world”. 

“The Bully Effect” 

penny 2If you have been stepped on… kicked around….. beaten up…. called names to the point where you just wanna scream “Enough Already”… This page is for you….. I dedicate this to all whom have been bulled.. I dedicate my radio show “The Bully Effect”.
Education and Awareness!! To step up and speak out!! To help all those who need our help! To make the difference we want to see in this world!!  Host of blog talk radio’s “The Bully Effect”

A new show name peeps….. Something that is near and dear to my heart…. I feel that I need to make a bigger difference in this crazy mixed up world… If you have a bully story and you wish to share it to the world…. I will be posting the first show soon… With the call in number…. If you have any advice for those whom are being bullied… Feel free to call in as well…. Thanks so much…. Post this like page on your wall… Let’s stand together… Let’s stop the bullying now.




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