Featured Advocate: Michele from Trying to be right but veering left 5/5

Featured Advocate for the Day

Michele:  I welcome  the opportunity to serve anyone who needs help along their journey. Bipolar disorder is a challenging mind disease. I struggled through my 20’s before getting the diagnosis in my early 30’s. I always knew I processed information differently than others and I felt things deeper, it was a relief for me to finally have a name to go with the feelings, Bipolar 1- depressed with psychotic features. I now accept myself, and embrace my disease challenging as it may be. 

Trying to be right but veering left

ImageWelcome to my page! Sharing anything that resonates with anything in my soul. Hope you enjoy! Mature adults only 18++ and not for the easily offended!

Hey world, Happy New Year! I wish I could share all the dreams and intentions I have for this new page, but the possibilities are endless! I created this community to adequately express all my views and opinions. On my personal page I find myself censored due to having family and children as friends. Here I will be able to let it all hang out, so to speak! Lol. Hope every visitor can find something useful, entertaining, or inspiring. Here we go, Enjoy!




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