Featured Advocate: Mark from Dancing with Black Dog 5/10

Featured Advocate for the Day

Mark: I am a huge advocate for mental health because I am fortunate to have beaten anxiety and depression, having struggled with both until 3 years ago  and now every day is better than the previous 40! I also tell my story at my main website.

Dancing With The Black Dog

bdThis Facebook page is all about my website which tells the unfolding warts ‘n’ all story of my battle with (and resounding victory over!) anxiety, irrational worrying and depression – my long, slow dance with the black dog

The overall purpose of me telling my story is to do my bit to eradicate the stigma of mental illness, to encourage others to take action against their own black dogs. I also want to show people that the black dog is far more prevalent than many of us may care to imagine. Also, and most importantly of all – that these conditions CAN be beaten, and you CAN emerge stronger and wiser to lead a happier, more ‘normal’ life than you ever thought possible. I know this is possible because all this happened to me; because I took the fight to my inner demons – and I won.

I am not a medical professional, nor am I a qualified psychologist or counselor – but I have successfully dealt with several great such individuals over the past few years. I cannot therefore provide a qualified medical opinion. I am, however, most certainly qualified to tell my own story, and share my deepest and darkest as well as greatest and brightest experiences with you.



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