Featured Advocate: Ishani from Never Lose Hope 5/11

feature page 2

nlhIshani: This is why I wanted to be an advocate: Before a couple of years ago my 22 year old friend had met with a major accident . Doctors said that his condition was very critical and he cannot survive as he was in a coma for more than a month.

The boy’s family, on hearing this were so shocked that they had lost all hope on him. But I never lost any hope in it as I knew hope is always there for everybody. And surprisingly after many prayers and well wishers there was a miracle that took place .

After two months from the accident happened , he woke up from his coma and to the doctors surprise, he was then out of danger. Then it almost took 6-7 months to recover from the major accident .I never lost hope on my friends  as we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.So, It takes all hope to live the life for tomorrow.

Never Lose Hope

nlh3Never lose hope, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.
Sometimes that’s all you have..
when you have nothing else..
If you have it..
You have everything.!!!

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