Featured Advocate: Brian from Aspergers – A lighter shade of blue 5/12

Featured Advocate for the Day

brian 1Brian:  I am 53 and diagnosed with aspergers syndrome. I was one of the invisible autistic people of the 60’s who got bullied and labelled retarded. I led a traumatic life of torment until I got married and had children. My story is an escape story, I escaped the wrath society has of difference and fought back!

I have been married for 30 years to a neuro typical lady and have two lovely boys, one diagnosed with autism and the other diagnosed with Aspergers and in his 3rd year at university.

I am an autism advocate because I want to pave the way for a better future for my sons and all autistic people. It is my intention to become a well known advocate and am presently writing my autobiography. I took part in the recent BBC2 Horizon documentary with Uta Frith, called ‘Living with autism’ that was on television in early April. It was great fun and I met and worked alongside Uta Frith a world expert. 

I also do lectures for parents of newly diagnosed parents of children on the spectrum and try to promote healthy and positive support and advice for those who want to empower themselves. I use the word empower as autism may be difficult for some, but for others it can be changed into a superpower! I have been running my page for 10 months now and it is building slowly but surely. I have achieved all of these things in less than a year and hope to recover my health to propel myself onto greater challenges and at the same time protect my children. Being autistic is to be different, and to be different, can make the difference.

 Aspergers – A lighter shade of blue

Aspergers syndrome and autism awareness community.

I am diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and I am the proud father of two boys on the spectrum. I hope to spread awareness and take a positive, practical outlook.

brian 2


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