Featured Advocate: Emma from Confronting Life Without The Bottle. 5/13

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bottleEmma: I consider myself an advocate, as I have chosen to go public with my whole story. Addiction is one of them taboo subjects, that people have very little compassion for, and this is so wrong!

Its one of the hardest illnesses out there to battle, and I want to try and encourage more people to not be ashamed, and to come forward and share, which ultimately changed my whole life.
I myself am an alcoholic in recovery, nearly 3 years now, I am also bipolar, which I also believe, was a big contributor to my drink problem.
3 years ago, I had lost everything, my marriage, I was very violent when drunk, and my children, where social services decided I was unfit to live with them. I went from living at home, married and with my children, to a bedsit, and alone with the bottle.
My story had a happy ending though, and thankfully I was strong enough to fight the addiction and get my life back, but so many don’t.
This page is my diary of the last few years and how I got there, as well as to the current day, where I am now about to release my own book about my life.
The last few years I’ve done and seen more than I ever have, and everyday I’m being offered really exciting opportunities.
I’ve never been happier than I am now.
My journey through the last few years, since admitting I had a drink problem, and finally facing it. The best thing I’ve ever done 🙂 x
Creating this page was one of the best things I ever did, every morning the first thing i do is have my coffee and fag! and sit down and have a read. I’ve also made good friends now with people from all over the world.
At first I was a little scared with my posting about how much I should be sharing, but now every time I have a bad day, or an obstacle pops up, I don’t feel like there’s anything I’d want to hide, and sharing is only making me stronger.
I’m also learning that not everyone’s journeys are the same, but then we all have different demons we will have had to face first before reaching sobriety.
I hope so much I will always feel this strong, I know there will probably be lots more obstacles, but I’m learning not to be scared of them anymore.
Where I am right now is one of the best places I’ve ever been x


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