Featured Advocate: Gina from “A day in the life of Gina” 5/15

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ginaGina:  I became  a mental health advocate many years ago because I had to be an advocate for myself. After I was diagnosed w/bipolar at the age of 22, I was shuttled to doctors, therapists, and told to take these, they will make you feel better. NOTHING worked. I began reading and educated myself on my disease and treatments to maintain. I had to educate my own family who had NO clue about mental illness. It was a ‘phase’.

Now that I am 46, and have been through a lot, I am able to educate others on things. I have ‘been there and done that’, sadly. I enjoy telling people my struggles and how I manage to overcome them and not be angry. It is hard. So hard. I met a new doc in 2010, after 3 trips to the ‘ward’ in 2 months and he has really been a life saver for me. While I have my days, I don’t like I used to. He listened to me, and put me on meds accordingly to my symptoms. 

It is still a struggle, and I have lost some good friends to this disease. But, I am proof too if you work hard, you can make it.


A day in the life of Gina

Welcome to my bipolar disordered world…..



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