Featured Advocate: Sharon from In loving memory of my son Jason Scott Hearn 5/16

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sharonSharon:  I lost my son to suicide and since opened up about my struggles with mental illnesses I have made it my mission in life in my son’s honor to help raise more awareness about mental illness suicide and grief following suicide.

In loving memory of my son Jason Scott Hearn 11/01/1986 – 15/10/2012

My son’s page to help “RAISE AWARENESS” about “SUICIDE”, “MENTAL ILLNESS” and the “GRIEF” following “SUICIDE”. It does “NOT” discriminate it can happen to anybody. Thank you for you support.Sharon (Jason’s Mum) ♥
I lost my only son to suicide. He was 26 a devoted father of 3 and very much loved brother of 2 sisters. It was a very painful shock to us as he hid his pain.I have made it my mission to raise awareness and stop the stigma associated around suicide and mental illness.So that people can know it is ok to talk and not be judged .Mental illness and suicide can be treated and prevented with the right help…NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO SUFFER IN SILENCE!! Please help by “LIKING” and “SHARING” my son’s page.Because together i believe we can all help to raise awareness and hopefully prevent suicide and help people feel comfortable talking about their problems without been judged. Thankyou in advance Sharon Jason’s mum ♥

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