Featured Advocate: Anonymous from A different Kind of Warrior 5/18

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fake a smileAnonymous: I became an advocate for self harm and eating addictions because I went through the darkness. I know some of what it feels like. Every person is different so I cant know exactly but I take my feelings and how I pushed through the darkness to bring light to others. Life is so precious and if we come together to give hope to those that have lost hope we can make a difference. 

A Different Kind of Warrior

This is a page for every Warrior that struggles with every aspect of depression. including self-harm and eating disorders.
Message if you want to talk. I started this page because I know what its like to be alone in a crowd. I use to be where you may be standing now. My hope is to help and encourage you to keep fighting by sharing my daily struggle with depression and self-harm. I want to let you know you don’t have to fight alone. There are people that care about you when you may not care about yourself.
Feel free to message me about anything going on in your life that has you struggling. We are all fighters, we are all survivors, we are ALL warriors inside. ♥ Native love to you all! ~Beautiful Scars~
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