Featured Advocate: Robyn from Caleb/Taylor Autism Superheros 5/20


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caleb2Robyn: I am the proud mother of Caleb and Taylor.  I am 50 years old and it will be two years this November that I was blessed with these two amazing boys. Even threw our daily struggles I feel like my life started when I became their mom. I started out blind on information on how to raise children on the spectrum. But with reading books and working with them at home we got connected with doctors,specialist,schools and psychiatric support. I had a lot to learn and continue to learn today. I love my sons with my heart and soul and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. Where others see flaws,I see perfection. I believe together we can make a difference for our children. I want to help not only my family, but others too. I want to reach others that our children are blessings not burdens.

Caleb/Taylor Autism Superheros

calebThis page is a supportive page for children and parents dealing with Autisim,ADHD,PTSD and just everyday struggles. We are here to learn,help and support.


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