Featured Advocate: Heidi from Stop Romanticizing Autism 5/21

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autbroHeidi: I am an advocate for my 20 year old Autistic Brother.

Autism ….. binds us together  ….. This concept may be very hard for some people but I consider you part of my family even though we have never met.

The main goal of the page is an active request to the show business to stop using autism as a notion to use in their subjects to attract more audience.

I believe that there is a difference between romanticising and awareness. Awareness is what families like mine request and seek for. Romanticizing on the other hand is only glorifying the subject to promote and market the movie and not spreading the awareness. This is a very sensitive subject for families like mine. While we do appreciate awareness we would not  want false glorification either.

Movies like “Rain Man”, “Mercury Rising”, “Touch” etc emphasize on the fact that the only thing making Autistic people special is their ‘super natural’ ability. As a matter of fact when my brother achieves ‘normal’ tasks that’s what we celebrate as super achievements. My brother does not need to possess any special talent to earn a special position in our lives. He is special in the way he really is. The term Autism is used to create more ‘drama’ in the movies and has less or nothing to do with either autism or autistic people or their families. This is very hurtful to families like ours. It is not OK to make our hardships and challenges a subject of entertainment. I am sure other such families would agree that our love towards the autistic family members is much more than usual.

Being a sister of a 20 year old Autistic boy I am naturally very much concerned about him and the emotional impact he has on the rest of my family members specially my parents as one would expect. This page is a request to the showbiz to highlight the hardships of a family with an autistic member and not just autism or the person with this disorder.

Stop Romanticizing Autism

Dear ShowBiz please help us make our autistic family members’ life and our lives better. Otherwise, please don’t ridicule us by relating something as serious as autism to entertainment. 






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