Featured Advocate: Nikki from Autism Combo With a Side of Antidepressants and Chardonnay To Go Please 5/24

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NikkiI advocate because I have 3 boys on the Autism Spectrum, deal with their PTSD as well as mine because of some abuse that they went through 4 years ago (thankfully their abuser is in prison) and also I have battled Depression and Anxiety for a good chunk of my childhood all the way through the present.

Autism Combo With a Side of Antidepressants and Chardonnay To Go Please

comboThose days when your out and about, the meltdown ensues and 1,000 people stare at you and wonder why you are not beating your child….This is Autism with a Side of Antidepressants and Chardonnay to Go Please…battles, struggles, humor, meltdowns, progress and tears (and that is just from us parents LOL)….It isn’t always pretty or fun but having a sense of humor (meds and alcohol too) can help! 

I am a mom to 3 beautiful, amazing, loving, and sometimes crazy boys who are ALL on the Autism Spectrum! Ding dongs 1 and 3 are PDDNOS and Ding dong 2 is low functioning with a mild MR and also Chiari Malformation. We all live with my mom, who some days probably wishes I wouldn’t have ever threatened her with living with her with all my kids (fortunately for her I never had 100 kids with 100 different guys and all living with her like I promised her when I was a kid growing up, true story just ask her) and her dog Abby Lou! I also have an amazing boyfriend who is my rock (and I swear must live in my head half the time because he is pretty good at saying things at the same exact time I am thinking them….) and loves my kids! I have a pretty warped, sometimes dry and slapstick, sense of humor….I cuss like a sailor, occasionally drink (although from the name of this page and some of the things I post you would swear I was an alcoholic, fortunately for everyone around me and my liver, I have no desire to drink everyday and especially not before 5pm!), love to take pictures and edit them and just hang out with my family, bf and have a good time! I love God and praise him everyday for what he has given me (even though sometimes I wonder if I am the butt of his practical joke) and will take on whatever challenge he gives me!

If you have a child with autism, are a teacher of SN kids, are related to or just love someones SN kid, than this is the place for you! Share and network, laugh and cry….but most important be a community for one another! So everyone that is ready for the ride, be sure to grab your med of choice, that glass of Chardonnay (or Jack if you must), keep your hands, feet and other appendages inside at all times (use the Oh Shit bar if needed) and enjoy the bumpy and never dull ride!

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