Featured Advocate: Caitlin from Inventing Happiness 5/23

featured page caitlynCaitlin:  I am an advocate because I have dealt with now mostly overcome depression, self harm and anxiety and I have battled anorexia and have went into recovery over 2 years ago ( I still struggle of course but I’ve come so far!) . It gives me more joy than anything else to help others and be there for them because of this I am going to college next year to begin my career in psychology.

Inventing Happiness

caitlyn 2Uplift for everyone! Support for eating disorders, depression, anxiety and other challenges! No one should feel alone and everyone should feel inspired!

This is a page for anyone that wants some daily inspiration! But it also is a safe place to get support for eating disorders, depression, self harm or any other struggle! I am here because I know how it feels to be lost and I have good advice for overcoming challenges and going into recovery. I am here for you! Message me please! Find my recovery Instagram @supportandrecovery

caitlin 3


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