Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Thots from a Tangled Mind 5/29

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totmAnonymous: Since I was diagnosed with dysthymia, I felt lost and alone. I felt like I have a mental illness but it is not severe in the sense that I ‘don’t go on the deep end’ every day, yet it is chronic which means I am constantly feeling blue and low mood. My highs are short spikes and then I crash. With my page Thots from a Tangled Mind, I get to share my days with others who understand. I also try and create awareness to friends and families who do not understand mental illness or depression in general. I use the page to encourage myself and others through positive encouragement and also to accept the reality of ‘being sick in the head’ not because I choose to be that way.

Thots from a Tangled Mind

I am diagnosed with Depression (Dysthymia). I hope my page can be a support to those who has similar mental illness or depression in general.

This is an outlet for my journey through depression. My crazy creative thoughts — tangle drawings, poems, and spiritual walk with my Lord, Jesus will be shared here. This is intended to be a personal page. ~~ Ann ♥




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