Featured Advocate: Melissa from Autism Rocks 5/30


melwMelissa:  I am an advocate because my twins have autism and I want to share our journey. I also have ASD and home school my twins.  I have studied about ASD and SPD and use my voice to help others understand their rights and learn it’s okay to be different. I have written a book understanding autism and sensory needs in addition to running my page.



Autism Rocks

autrocksHi, I’m a mom of four kids five yr twins with Autism a 2yr all three boys and a five month little girl i’m stay at home mommy
As with the start of any journey, you start counting down the miles as soon as you know the destination. When our twins were  diagnosed with autism though, our road map seemed to point nowhere or maybe it pointed everywhere, and there was no clear cut direction. One thought and theory intersected the next and we weren’t sure what to think of his future. With many questions and concerns in tow, our family began traveling one inch at a time.My hubby and me  have  been together for  8 yrs we have four kids five yr twins jacob and nathan 2yr old little bear micheal and miss katelyn 6 months my twins have autism jacob also has ADD like me .It’s not been an easy road we are from ca but now call wa state our home life is crazy most days and this a great way to meet other parents with child with autism.
I really noticed things were different about three in half when they were not talking or reaching any milestones for there age just some the behavior was odd so I began looking up and lead to autism I told my hubby and told my twins dr to get tested oh, that not how it works they said ok a yr n halk later we got em testest but Ii so glad I didn’t listen to the dr’s said or they just have lots of engery they are fine and I said I need a new dr i been fighting for them since amd will always will.autrocks2

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