Featured Advocate: Amber from Cheering for Caleb 6/4

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cal1Amber: I am an advocate because my sweet boy who was born premature should have died by all medical stance and didn’t. He has major health issues and had his first brain surgery, he suffers from epilepsy and severely austistic. The support we get is from few family members but mostly on our page and our fans who love us. Caleb has sensory processing, dysphagia, and limited verbally. He tells me he is bad but I tell him he is brilliant. I quit my job to care for him and help him understand the world and for the world to understand him. It has not been easy having a child like this but he shows me strength and admiration for him I cannot express in words. Every time something would happen or something bad medically would go wrong he would fight through it so much so we thought he had a super hero cape on at birth. We call him super Caleb he is so happy and snuggly to us the world does not understand him because he truly believes that he is superman but to us he is.

Cheering for Caleb
My name is Caleb I am almost 4 . I am a twin,I have Autism, Epilepsy, SPD and I am a Chiari Malformation Brain surgery warrior!

Caleb was Diagnosed with SPD(Sensory Processing Disorder), hearing issues from Chiari type 1 Malformation he is near non-verbal, has Autism and Epilepsy . Thank you for all your support and being a fan of his page to show awareness and follow him on his journey of Autism and life after brain surgery for his ACM. His family and close relatives and friends need your support as they walk with his parents and him together. Share his page so that others might benefit and know that they have support if they too walk this similar journey. Help raise Awareness to Autism and Chiari Malformation and epilepsy. Thank you for being there for Caleb and his family.



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