Featured Advocate: Cherie from Living with Autism,Alyssa’s Story 6/10

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cherieCherie: I am our daughter’s advocate as she has no voice..We are blessed with autism in our home..Our daughter has had second degree burns on her hands from a wood burning stove,,she had a hairball cut from her tummy the size of a dead rat…broke an arm…some teeth surgery etc etc…She has almost been kicked out of two school for ass kicking teachers..They have tried sending her away…which we didn’t allow..Every doctor wants to medicate but we give her herbs which help her a lot…Doctors and teachers think they always know whats right…but in this home our family knows what works…We will never give up on our daughter Alyssa…We would change it for her but we wouldn’t change it for us…She makes everyday brighter and you can never go wrong with love

Living with Autism Alyssa’s story
cherie 2My Mom writes for me and shares our experiences.I’m not at a point yet to communicate for myself.I do get on here once in awhile,,you can tell its me cause I love words,music and writing. When I am able I will take over this page and be my own voice!!

I am a 12 yr old girl with autism



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